Top 5 Healthy Things to Have in Your Kitchen This Winter

The Winter months can be the hardest time of year to lose weight. Finding ways to be active is harder as our outside time becomes limited by cold and darkness. It’s no wonder people fail at their New Years’ resolutions for better health so quickly! The trick to this time of year, is to fill your kitchen with healthy foods and snacks, and then proceed to go through all your cabinets and ditch anything that slightly resembles junk. Retooling what your kitchen looks like will help set you up for success all year long.

Here’s a list of staples we have in Kevin’s Healthy Kitchen that help keep us on a healthy track, especially during the cold winter months.

  • Fat Free Half & Half – we use this all the way from coffee to mash potatoes and everything in between. Honestly, you can’t tell the difference in either the flavor or the creaminess.
  • Fat Free Croutons – we use these on salads of course, but did you know they make great breadcrumbs too? We put them in the food processor and grind them up to use on chicken and fish. They come in a variety of flavors and taste great!
  • Egg Whites – from smoothies to anything that needs a binder (meatballs, meatloaf etc.). We scramble them up with fresh herbs and spices for a great hot breakfast. The most versatile natural product you can find!
  • Frozen Fruits and Vegetables – Fresh produce can be expensive in the winter because items are either out of season or coming from places that are far away. Buying frozen fruits and veggies is perfectly fine in the winter. We make smoothies all year long!
  • Reduced Fat Cheese – There are a lot of really good reduced fat cheeses out there now. We buy the reduced-fat or the 2% versions of provolone, american, and parmesan cheeses. There are also lighter versions of string cheese out there, which is a great snack to have in a pinch.

If you like this list, find more snack ideas and tips for setting your kitchen up for success in our free guide Kevin’s Healthy Kitchen Essentials.


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