Your Thanksgiving Survival Guide!

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving…the biggest eating day of the year is about to be upon us once more. Do you have a plan? Since our weight loss, the key for us has always been to plan ahead! Think through the weekend. You probably already know where you’ll be spending most of your time. Think about the situations you’ll be in and how you can handle them. If your traveling, how are you getting there – are you flying, driving, taking a train? Are you staying with relatives, in a hotel, an Airbnb? What does Thanksgiving Day look like? Are you cooking or bringing? What does the rest of the weekend look like? Are you sightseeing, visiting relatives, eating out?  It may sound like a lot, but you can manage the weekend relatively easily if you just think about it for a bit and make a plan that you can quietly stick to.

We made this Thanksgiving Survival Guide that is filled with tips and tricks we’ve used over the years to keep us on track. It will help you navigate the weekend without announcing to everyone that you’re “on a diet” or asking people to make special food for you. Remember this is a lifestyle, NOT a diet. Thanksgiving comes around every year so let’s learn how to handle it and enjoy this time with family and friends!

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