About Us

Family shoot 3

We are a happy family of 3; Kevin (Head Chef), Lynda (Sous Chef and dishwasher extraordinaire) and Colin (Hungry Teenager!). After a family tragedy, we realized how important it is to spend as much time as possible with those we love and how limited our time can be. It was then we made the decision to focus on our health and well being. 

Kevin is a chef by trade and does all the cooking in our house. When we decided to make better choices, he took all of his recipes and one by one, changed them to make them leaner and healthier dishes. Over the course of a year, Lynda lost 50lbs and Kevin lost 20lbs! All while cooking and eating deliciously.

Our goal now is to show you how to be healthy and eat deliciously! We’ve spent hours in our kitchen creating healthy recipes to share with you. We’ll share free recipe’s once a month in our blog posts and directly to your inbox if you subscribe to our mailing list.

If you like those and want more, go to the Shop! page to purchase our cookbooks Kevin’s Kitchen; Low-Fat American Classics and Kevin’s Kitchen; Entrees & Appetizers. Both are filled with delicious low-fat meals, soups and sides you’ll love!

We plan to pack our site with information, things and media we hope you find useful to finding answers you may be looking for or just support along your way! We welcome your comments, email and business 24/7.